Lundi 25 avril 2011

Medical Malpractice Insurance Disputes

Medical Malpractice Insurance Disputes

Like all the other industries, various insurance Companies also cover Healthcare industry. Companies differ in the areas where medical malpractices are covered. However, these insurance Companies provide various guidelines and conditions to meet with, before the claim is examined and covered.

Medical Malpractice Insurance claims are examined and investigated, as to whether the claim is authentic before settling the claim amount to the claimant. Often these procedures are long and time consuming and sometimes after the whole process is completed, the claim is denied and no money is paid. Situations like this can eventually cause insurance disputes. Insurance agents often tend to test whether the claim is true and hence disputes occur. In case they find out that the claim made, does not fall under the areas mentioned clearly in the policy opened by the customer, they refuse to pay the coverage amount. These areas again vary from one policy to other, depending on the premium paid for the Insurance. Thus, the claimant should be careful and keep in mind the conditions of the policy.

In some cases, people try to take chances and get same Insurance amount paid for cases, apart from the ones specified in the policy. In those cases, disputes may arise and payment is held back. Also, if the claimant incurs cost out of his pockets or causes damage due to reasons not related to medical malpractices, insurance companies tend to deny the payments.

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Lundi 18 avril 2011

Work Accidents compensation no win no fee

Have you suffered an accident in the workplace in the last three years? Was it caused through no fault of your own? If this is the case then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

There is a massive one million estimated injuries take place in the UK workplace every year and the shocking fact is that the vast majority of these accidents are avoidable. However despite the huge improvements in health and safety along with an ever increasing list of safety rules the workplace still remains a dangerous place.

Accidents can happen across a vast amount of workplaces, which can include offices, warehouses, construction sites and factories as well as shops. Basically wherever you work you could be in danger of suffering a workplace accident if the correct steps haven’t been taken to protect you.

The steps taken to protect you in your workplace should be taken by your employer who has a legal obligation to maintain certain health and safety standards in order to minimise the risk of workplace accidents. In order to ensure you are protected in your place of work your employer should carry out regular health and safety assessments and risk assessments of your working conditions. They should ensure that adequate safety measures are in place and that they are being followed as well as ensuring you have the correct equipment to carry out your job...

Here at Accident Consult we can help you gain the compensation that is rightfully yours. So contact us today on 01625 540640 today.

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